Detbra Rosales

Hi my name is Detbra, I am a bilingual marine biologist who loves yoga. I moved to Salisbury in 2013 for my PhD and that is when I found yoga. I wanted to mentally and physically release stress and anxiety. I can definitely say that the asana practice, pranayama and meditation, has helped me cope with graduate school life. Additionally it has helped me manage my rheumatoid arthritis.

I received my 100 hr certification in January, 2021 from Lighthouse Yoga Studio, under Jared McCann, Rebecca Causey and Michael Guiou. The past 7 months I have been teaching yoga to my friends, family members and whoever wants to practice with me.

I am planning on furthering my yoga journey this fall by attending Rocket Yoga training with Patrick McCleaf at Meta studio.

In addition to being a science researcher, I enjoy teaching, sharing my knowledge with others and watching students grow. Being able to see students sync their breath with their movements is very fulfilling. What I have learned from the yoga practice is that you can apply what you learn on the mat to your everyday life.